Introduction To Folk Dances Of GUJARAT

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“MANIYARO” carries the sentiments of heroism in the RAAS of Maher community in Gujarat. Maniyaro does not possess a descending music tune unlike other folk songs, but it starts from the lower tempo and gradually ascends. The style and rhythm in which it is being sung and performed on, both are meant to be called MANIYARO. In the Saurashtra region of Gujarat,generally Men wear the traditional red & white costume, holding preset sized bamboo sticks known as "Dandiya". MANIYARO better suits with the musical combination of drums and flute.


The ancient folk dance of Gujarat and has its own significance as a symbol of Gujarati culture. It is a dance form traditionally associated with religious sentiments, devotion and worship towards the deity. The performers are usually women who carry the typical earthen pots lit with oil lamps, dressed up in the traditional appearance, dancing on the tunes while taking rounds in the praise of the goddess. “GARBO” hums over the streets, cities and villages of Gujarat during the entire nine - nights Navaratri Festival. In the year 2023 "GARBA" has been given a place as an intangible heritage of the world at the international level.


"RAAS" is the most admired and eye-catching folk dance of Gujarat.Dandiya RAAS,Mishra RAAS and Taal RAAS are known to be some of the most prominent form of RAAS. RAAS is performed on the rhythm of Hinch and swift movements.The synchronization of performers, the formation of a circle and the traditional attire of RAAS are evidently beautiful features of the dance form. Due to commercial and natural diversity of different communities, so many variations have been abridged in the RAAS.


TIPPANI is a folk dance concerning the remarks upon the beautiful and pleasant conditions of the terrain in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, usually to depict the story of the laborious female workers earning their livelihood through physical effort. In olden days, the houses, terraces and flooring of the rooms were cemented with limestone. In order to alter the rough/uneven base into a smooth and concrete surface, an instrument called TIPPANI was used. TIPPANI is characteristically an instrument or a tool, comprising of a square wooden piece or a round metallic base attached to a long wooden stick.


HUDDO is a genre of folk dance which originated from the folkloric culture of Bharwad (shepherd) community situated in Surendranagar district of Gujarat. HUDDO is a type of TAAL RAAS (dance with handclaps). Men and women of Bharwad tribe perform this folk dance, harmonizing their steps with the rhythm of drums, striking all the way through handclaps with one another, stamping the feet with its pace and beat. Thanks to the authentic traditional costumes worn by the performers, HUDDO becomes a lively verve of RAAS.